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Pressfit Bottom Bracket Installation Tool

$79.99 AUD

Image of Pressfit Bottom Bracket Installation Tool

We highly recommend that qualified mechanics install the bearings, bottom brackets, and jockey wheels. However, if you are experienced and familiar with bike systems, we offer the following tool suggestions that are fully compatible with our products for your consideration.

BIKE HAND is a Taiwan-based company that has been producing bike repair tools since 1988. Their tools are straightforward and get the job done.

This product is used with HSC press-fit bottom brackets range, such as DUB, BB86, BB90, PF41/92, BB30, PF30, EVO386, BBright, BB30a, PF30a, that the bike frame shell has an inner diameter of 37mm, 41mm, 42mm or 46mm.

How to use: 1) Clean the bottom bracket and the bike frame shell surfaces, 2) Apply HSC anti-creaking grease (recommended) to the BB cup and the frame shell, 3) Position the tool correctly in the bottom bracket, 4) Use an 8mm hex key (not included) and spinner (not included) to tighten.

The product includes long threaded bolts that are 200mm in length, as well as 2 BB drifts YC-25BB-29, and 2 BB drifts YC-25BB-30.

Gravel bike riders, the combination of our light touch rubber seals and HSC ceramic grease offers effectively combating the challenges posed by wet and dusty gravel racing conditions. Our ceramic bearings empower your gravel bike to perform with the same impressive swiftness as a road bike. Embrace the exhilarating fusion of speed and durability as you unlock your gravel bike's true potential.