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Fabrizio Borsato

My name is Fabrizio Borsato, a triathlete with 16x IRONMAN Finisher, I have more than 200 triathletes trained by me in Brazil, El Salvador (Central America) and the United States. I use High Speed Cycling for training and competitions!

Fabrizio Borsato
Coach,16xIRONMAN Finisher,Brazil

Soren Nissen

I have been using the great products from High Speed Cycling for the last few seasons. These products make a BIG difference when it comes to speed and durability. The lower friction by high speed is something that you should not forget to put in your calculations when buying a new bike. It`s a small and "invisible" part of the bike, but makes so much difference in long rides or in competitions. All this has already been prooved in tech. labor tests at High Speed Cycling Ceramics.

Søren Nissen
2019 UCI MTB Marathon Winner
2019 UCI “Samarathon Desert Bike Race” Winner
2018 Luxembourgish Elite Champion XCM, XCO, CX
2013,2015 Danish Elite Champion MTB Marathon (XCM)
2014-2016 Winner of the UCI Marathon World series “Roc d`Ardenne”

Jason Archer

HSC have had bearings on my racing for the last two years and they have made my bikes faster. Thanks to being High Speed Cycling equipped I won my age group, was the fastest non-elite rider and came 6th overall.

– Jason Archer
2017 WEMBO World Solo 24Hr Championships, Australia

Owain Matthews

I've been competing in Triathlon for 7 years and I immediately noticed the difference that the ceramic upgrades from High Speed Cycling made to the movement of my drivetrain. With all the hard work I put into my training it's great to know that my bike components are moving fast and freely to keep me at the top of my game.

– Owain Matthews
Triathlete and Triathlon Coach, Australia
Owain Matthews

Jake Magee

Nothing but positive words about the bearings, I can honestly say I can definitely feel the difference.

– Jake Magee
Australian Professional Athlete race in USA
No.1 Criterium Rider in TX
No.6 Criterium Rider in USA

Sean Ringgold

I've been using High Speed Cycling Ceramics for quite some time. This company provides a rock solid product that keeps me moving faster. At an incredible price point that everyone can afford!

– Sean Ringgold
Brand Ambassadors of GFNY 2017
Actor,Philanthropist,Influencer,Motivation Speaker, United States


We thank High Speed Cycling Ceramics, our sponsor, for the new ceramic bearings! They arrived quickly and with the great quality that the company always offers! Thanks for the partnership.

Ecofet Team, Brazil

I received the bearings the very next day. Crazy fast. Already installed and cut the drag on the hub from previous by at least 75%!

– Andrew, QLD, Australia

Just a quick email to let you know HSC Ceramic bottom brackets helped power me to a Gold Medal win in the NZ Age Group (M3) Nationals Time Trial and a Silver Medal in the Road Race (eventuating in a 2 man break and sprint finish) A great product. I have them in both the bikes.

– Glen, New Zealand

Perfect thanks :-) I have High Speed Cycling Ceramic BB's on 2 of my bikes already... one I just serviced the cranks after 10000k on on the trainer and it spins like new!

– Matt, NSW, Australia

I just installed my new Campag ceramic bearings and they made me feel good. I would like some delrin ceramic bearing jockey wheels for my etap for the upcoming VRS Carribean Classic race on Sunday.

– Matt, VIC, Australia

I just bought a set of High Speed Cycling ceramic bearings for my BMX. Absolutely epic. Effortless to ride.

– Rhett, WA, Australia

I’ve been using High Speed Cycling ceramic bearings on several of my bikes for a few years now and have been very satisfied.

– Wayne, New Zealand

I checked Strava, 12000 Ks since instal!! All on dirt, mud/dust, single speed. 2 National 24hr races, podiums! 2 Otway Odyssey’s, podiums! Victorian Enduro Series’s, series podium. 1x Everesting, 198km/10880 mts vert. They have been tested.

– Matt, VIC, Australia

I got my first bearings from HSC in 2015 and they where, and still are, great. (2019)

– Jonas, Norway

I can assure you that I will be passing on to all my cycling mates how well I was assisted by you.

– Michael, SA, Australia

Thanks so much for selling me such a fine bottom bracket!! Have never used such a smooth and reliable piece of engineering!!! You all should be proud!!

– Emil, NSW, Australia

First and foremost I want to acknowledge the High Speed Cycling BB purchase I made many years ago (2013) and still going strong and smooth.

– Rajan, NSW, Australia

I have High Speed Cycling on all my other bikes. I recently put a BB in my XR4 and it is amazingly smooth. Certainly better than the Rotor BB that is supposedly ceramic as well.

– Duane, NSW, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick email response late Sunday night. The bike looked amazing and the disc rolled forever, felt incredible! Will be looking to upgrade jockey wheels next.

– Andrew, Victoria, Australia

Just like to say thanks, B/B and jockey wheels arrived, (very quick) fitted and been out on 1st race on Sunday. Must say very very smooth, most impressed, sure I will be selling a few for sure!

– Jim, New Zealand

It's a great item, so smooth! Sorted my creaks and groans out. This was a really worthwhile buy, Thanks!!

– Chris, Victoria, Australia

– Locked In Review

– Ceramic Cycling, Australia

– Paul, United Kingdom

– Hoyun Team MAVIC, South Korea

Just used the bike I installed the bottom bracket I bought from you and did the Sydney to the gong charity ride and to my delight the part performed flawlessly and effortless pedaling through the whole ride thank you so much for allowing me to purchase a great part!!!

– Emil, New South Wales, Australia

We always get our BB's from you and have always been extremely helpful and great product.

– Andrew, Queensland, Australia

I have upgraded my bottom brackets in both my bikes now - seriously in love with your products. Now it is time to upgrade my wheels!!

– Ben, South Australia, Australia

Bearings arrived and have been installed, sensational service from you! Thanks!!!! The bearings are already leaps ahead of the Enduros I had in!!

– Matt, Victoria, Australia

I just upgraded the ball bearing for my Shimano Dura Ace bike wheels, it runs perfectly.

– Ray, Hong Kong

I am so amazed with the quality of the High Speed Cycling ceramic bearing its very smooth and high quality.

– Daniel, DK Bike Works, Malaysia

Zero Friction Cycling

I have found High Speed Cycling ceramic BB’s to always have no issue, always silky smooth after install be it as arrives.

– Adam, Zero Friction Cycling, Australia

日本語対応で親切、梱包荷姿も丁寧で非常に良い買い物が出来た。 商品はとても精密な作りで期待以上の良い物でした!

– 佐藤, Japan

Amazing delivery speed! Very good quality bottom bracket, fits perfectly.

– Martin, United Kingdom

You have a fabulous product. I also have High Speed Cycling ceramic bearings in my Swiss Side Hadron 625 wheels. They are also fantastic.

– Shaun, Queensland, Australia

I will definitely be recommending your company in the future for its great product and excellent service.

– Trent, Victoria, Australia

Your customer service has been exceptional. I’ll be sure to recommend your business and products in the future.

– Matthew, New South Wales, Australia