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Why Choose Ceramic

Ceramic bearing is for everyone

Ceramic bearings are not reserved only for elite cycling aficionados. In reality, anyone can enjoy the boosted efficiency and performance that these bearings offer. For a modest investment, you can upgrade your entry-level Shimano wheelset with these cutting-edge bearings and elevate your cycling experience.

Elevate your performance, reach new personal milestones and enhance your cycling journey with a set of ceramic bearings, ceramic bottom brackets, and pulley wheels.

Don't settle for the ordinary, choose extraordinary. 

Photo: Monash Human Power (MHP) is a student-led engineering team from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The team is aiming to break the Australian HPV F200 land speed record of 96.7 km/h.

What makes ceramic bearings a great choice?

Silicon nitride ceramics are known for their exceptional shock resistance, making them ideal for use in high-performance bearings. In fact, these materials have been used in the main engines of NASA's Space Shuttle.

The balls used in our hybrid ceramic bearings are made of silicon nitride, which is 120% harder and 68% stiffer than steel balls, reducing contact with the bearing race and providing smooth performance. Our ceramic balls are also manufactured to a grade 3 level, making them 8 times rounder and 4 times smoother than steel balls.

The alloy bearing race we utilized is tailored to work seamlessly with silicon nitride balls. During the break-in period, the ceramic balls precisely polish the race surfaces, leading to the creation of an ultra-smooth surface with minimal friction for optimal performance.

The superior quality of our ceramic bearings results in numerous benefits, including 78% less friction, 3-5 times longer lifespan, 80% higher speed, and 60% less weight compared to traditional metal bearings. NASA testing has also shown that ceramic-hybrid bearings have much lower fatigue (wear) life than standard all-steel bearings.

High-quality and efficient bearings require more than just the use of ceramic materials. They also depend on precisely made races, seals, and the selection of low-friction greases. Each of our ceramic bearings is a work of art, created with modern manufacturing techniques and designed specifically for use in cycling. Before shipping, each bearing is carefully inspected by hand at our Melbourne facilities to ensure the highest quality.

Impacts in the world of cycling

Ceramic bearings are a game-changer in the world of cycling. For starters, ceramic bearings are smoother and faster than steel bearings, which can make a big difference when you're trying to hit a personal record. Ceramic bearings have become a staple in professional cycling competitions, and it would be surprising to see a winner who doesn't use them.

It is NOT an expensive option

While some may view ceramic bearings as a pricey option for riders seeking marginal gains, HSC ceramics have a different perspective. 

Imagine upgrading your Shimano 105 R7000 groupset to Shimano Dura Ace 9100, which would cost approximately AUD 1,500* to improve the drivetrain efficiency by 7%** for the bottom bracket and 87%** for the pulley. In contrast, HSC ceramics can increase efficiency by 79%** on the bottom bracket and 94%** on the pulley with less than AUD 300.

When it comes to upgrading your wheelset, HSC ceramics offers even more cost-effective solutions. 

A brand-new middle-range carbon wheel would cost approximately AUD 1,600. However,  if your current wheels are still in good condition, you can keep them and install a set of HSC ceramic bearings costing approximately 14% of the new wheel. Those ceramic bearings breathe new life into your old wheels with less friction than even the newest models.


*Based on the price as of Feb 2023. **Third-party laboratories conducted tests with a rider output of 250W.