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HSC Ceramic Grease - 5ml

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HSC Ceramic Grease

Introducing the ultimate ceramic bearing grease designed to deliver unmatched performance in every aspect. With its unique formulation, it combines the benefits of low friction, exceptional water resistance, extended lifespan, and provides optimal lubricating properties across different operating conditions.

Experience the smoothest operation with ultra-low friction, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced wear on your ceramic bearings. The advanced water-resistant properties of HSC Ceramic Grease provide reliable protection against moisture, maintaining optimal performance even in wet conditions.

With its long lifespan, HSC Ceramic Grease ensures consistent lubrication, reducing maintenance frequency and increasing the longevity of your ceramic bearings. Embrace the dynamic potential of your equipment with the grease, delivering an unparalleled performance that surpasses expectations.

Choose HSC Ceramic Grease for ceramic bearings that excel in low friction, water resistance, long lifespan, and dynamic performance.

Note: Hybrid ceramic bearings should be inspected every 6 months or after covering 5,000 km. Kindly adhere to our maintenance instructions for proper care and performance.

- 5ml syringe of HSC Ceramic Grease

Compatible with
- All HSC hybrid ceramic bearing range

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Gravel bike riders, the combination of our light touch rubber seals and HSC ceramic grease offers effectively combating the challenges posed by wet and dusty gravel racing conditions. Our ceramic bearings empower your gravel bike to perform with the same impressive swiftness as a road bike. Embrace the exhilarating fusion of speed and durability as you unlock your gravel bike's true potential.