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Anti-Creaking Grease - 5ml

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Introducing HSC Anti-Creaking Grease, the ultimate solution for eliminating bothersome creaking noises in press-fit bottom brackets.

The creaking noise is typically caused by the wear of the frame shell and the small play that allows the bottom bracket to move within the shell. Eliminating this small play is the key to solving the creaking problem.

Designed to tackle the play in the frame shells when BB30, PF30, BBright, EVO386, and other press-fit bottom brackets are installed, our Anti-Creaking grease provides a reliable remedy. Simply apply the grease outside of the bottom bracket cups and inside of the frame shell before installation to eliminate any unwanted play.

Formulated using a Japanese formula, this grease has undergone extensive testing and has proven to be effective in eliminating bottom bracket creaking noise.
Please note that creaking noises can be caused by various factors, but our Anti-Creaking grease specifically targets the issue of play between the bottom bracket and frame shells.

Experience a quiet and smooth ride with HSC Anti-Creaking Grease.

- 5ml syringe Anti-Creaking grease
- Made in Japan

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Gravel bike riders, the combination of our light touch rubber seals and HSC ceramic grease offers effectively combating the challenges posed by wet and dusty gravel racing conditions. Our ceramic bearings empower your gravel bike to perform with the same impressive swiftness as a road bike. Embrace the exhilarating fusion of speed and durability as you unlock your gravel bike's true potential.